Fine Art Fair & Sale

Saturday, June 11, 10 am-5 pm

Altra Artist Award Winners Announced at 3:25 pm

Artspire 2023 - Call to Artists

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Applications are accepted until January 31, 2023!
Artspire La Crosse is an all-inclusive, free, community arts celebration that showcases the power of the arts to create unity in our diverse community.

Altra Federal Credit Union: 2022 Artspire Artist Award Winners

Cash Awards: $1000 First Place, $500 Second Place, 2-$100 Merit Art Awards

The 2022 Artspire Artist Awards were sponsored by
Altra Federal Credit Union.

Altra Federal Credit Union Artist Award winners were selected by a panel of jurors. Judging was based on representative artwork displayed in the booths. Jurors considered originality, quality, and presentation.


Sat. 6/11/22, 3:25 pm

Johnathan Lawson, Roadside Paintings

Altra Artist Award First Place Winner $1000 Cash Award

Tyler Voorhees, Tyler Voorhees Art

Altra Artist Award Second Place Winner $500 Cash Award

Will Brzezinski, Positive Spin Ceramics

Altra Artist Award Merit Winner $100 Cash Award

Jenna Hestekin, The Cozy Red

Altra Artist Award Merit Winner $100 Cash Award

2022 Fine Art Vendors

Ann Prey Jewelry 

My classic with a twist jewelry is made with a myriad of metals adding pearls, semi precious stones & pearls. I use a variety of technical expressions, hand formed & fabricated. I balance size, texture & color.

Apothic Oddities

This business is centered around Mother Nature. All of my artwork is ethically sourced and made specifically with Nature Lovers in mind. Everything from ornaments to Animal Bones to pressed flowers to Aroma Jars, I have everything to bring Nature into homes.

Ann Solyst

The imaginary animals Ann draws look quite natural. Her sensitive style and subdued palette suggest wildlife illustration, not fantasy drawing, and it takes a second look to notice the fantastic hidden among the regular. Her goal is to present oddity in an approachable way.

Beki Biesterfelt Custom Sewing

Turning deadstock fabric & fashions into useable goods.

Bent LLC

Classically simple necklaces, earrings, bookmarks and hair pins that are inspired by nature and classic Art Deco shapes created in the medium of sterling silver copper, and stainless steel.

Bracelet Luv

A certifiable color addict, making beaded jewelry with beads from across cultures and time soothes my unquenchable love of color. Using a wide variety of beads I hand-weave soft wrap bracelets using vintage, re-purposed, semi-precious & old glass.

Ceev Tseg Press

As a printmaker, I specialize in relief woodblock printing. My prints and t-shirts are all printed from authentic hand carved woodcuts through the process of relief printing. My inspiration comes from the Hmong heritage and my experience as a refugee in the United States. Most of my concepts are developed from cultural folklores, mythologies and the Hmong Diaspora.

Ciccotti Art Glass

One of a kind, hand blown, glass pieces.  Venetian glassblowing techniques are used to develop his designs in which color and form are the primary elements that drive his work. 

Curning Nature Photography and Jewelry

I have been capturing landscapes, animals, and flowers in Wisconsin and Minnesota for 35 years. I look for scenes that are peaceful and calming and hope that viewers will feel the same by looking at my photographs. I hope that my photographs will help others see the need to help preserve nature and old buildings.

I create one of a kind chain maille jewelry using 100% stainless steel rings woven together one by one. Since chain Maille is an ancient art form I create designs that are a mix of medieval and modern.

Creative Jewelry by Marcia

I design jewelry to create a unique piece that’s made with quality workmanship. Many of my pendants and special pieces are created using sheets of brass, copper and stainless steel that I cut, texture, form, rivet, and solder; earthen clay; pieces of antique/vintage jewelry in combination with components, crystals, and stones; and soldering on metal for designs.

Constance Jewelry Designs

I make unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry using sterling, fine silver, brass, copper, semi-precious gemstones and other elements. Every piece contains handwrought elements that make it distinctive.

Des Art Designs

I use bright colors and shapes that come together to form a retro pop art style image.  Paintings and prints, framed and unframed available.

Eastbank Artists, Inc.

Members Group Show

Eastbank Artists, Inc. is a professional organization of visual artists established in 1976. Eastbank promotes education in the visual arts in the greater La Crosse, WI area. New members are juried.  Eastbank in-person meetings happen at the Pump House on the last Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7 pm.

Fieldstone Terrace Handmade Jewelry

My inspiration is found in the colors, textures, shapes & patterns of gemstone beads. I am passionate about collecting stone beads, plus glass and metal components to complement their natural beauty. My design process can best be described as play. I arrange collected parts, moving them around, until they fit together much like a puzzle.

Fox & Fern Designs

Electroforming is a bridge between science and art; it is the intricate process of controlling copper growth on a conductive surface using a chemical bath and electricity. Using this process I preserve actual botanical specimens within pure copper to create completely unique, wearable art. I most often work with leaves, twigs, and vines that I harvest both locally and ethically. I also work with hand-sculpted mushroom elements and a wide variety of crystals, gemstones, and fossils.

Glasverks by Linda

Glasverks by Linda has a wide variety of artistic stained glass creations, large and small. Each piece is unique with a mix of glass and accent items. I have completed stained glass pieces in stock or will do made to order.

Helen’s Daughters Handbags

Working with a forty–five year-old Viking sewing machine, I started designing and creating upholstery fabric handbags. My “design aim” is to adorn them with unexpected details. I start with a sketch and then draft a pattern. I work with color, pattern, and blend a combination of fabrics, which develops into a unique look to the handbag.

Jason Ray Photography

I am a landscape photographer. Landscape photography is much more than just taking a photo of pretty scene. It’s about spending time outside and appreciating the world around us. I try my best to convey the sense of awe or mystery I feel at the time I took the image. 

Johanna Moldenhauer Art

Ceramic and painting pieces that embody organic elements with painted linework.

Jovy Rockey Jewelry

My work is inspired by my appreciation for simplicity and modernism.  I primarily work with Sterling Silver and Brass along with semiprecious gemstones and am very fond of mixing metals in my designs. I create my designs using traditional metalsmithing methods, cold connections, and hand-forging.

Karen Genz Photography

Photography showcasing La Crosse and the surrounding area, including downtown, the Mississippi River, local landmarks, and Hixon Forest, in unique ways. The goal is to inspire feelings of peace, awe, and pride in the place we live.

Knotty Willow

We are a husband and wife team that specialize in carved wood bowls, trays, boards, utensils and décor. Our carving techniques allow us to experiment with unique shapes and textures, highlighting the natural features of the locallly sourced wood.

Kay’s Potiques

Making pottery for over 30 years, high fired stoneware, and porcelain. I do functional and sculptural pieces.

Karie Hiam Photography

I have photos of nature from Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Utha, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I also have pictures of birds, wildlife and flowers.

Lake Superior Drift Co.

Have you ever considered what driftwood is? A tree falls into the water and tumbles, aimlessly, for decades, centuries… even millennia, and is eventually washed onto the shore. I collect that driftwood and create irreplicable pieces with it.

Leaf Street Pottery

I make a wide variety of functional pottery mainly table/kitchen ware but also decorative pieces. Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel using my own clay body and I formulate my own glazes.

Lustrous Beaded Creations by Lake

Beadwoven and strung jewelry that is both colorful and lustrous. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants & rings made with only natural materials, such as pearls, crystals, glass beads, abalone, Mother-of-Pearl, and gemstones. For me, beadweaving is a slow, solitary, meditative, creative, and joyful process.


Machine stitched soft leather bags and belts. Decorative elements include cut work, trapunto, applique and embroidery. All designs and patterns are my own . I do all the cutting and sewing myself.

Michael Klen Caricatures

Drawing faces in a humorous and exaggerated style. Drawing caricatures for over 16 years. Takes 3 to 5 minutes for each caricature. Color and Black/White face and full body with themes. Framing available.

Nan Marshall Designs

Metal jewelry of copper and silver that includes gemstones, fossils, and found and recycled objects. Miniature sculptures that speak from your heart.  My travels around the world inspire my color and design choices.

Positive Spin Ceramics

Wheel thrown work made to be used in daily life. Rhythm, line, and repetition are elements and principles I chose to focus in my work because they are things we can get lost in. Creating space and pause in our ever busy lives.

Rebecca VanAcker

Rebecca’s art explores the color and radiance of nature. Rebecca paints large acrylic pieces, using her own photographs for inspiration.

Naomi Hart

Naomi Hart has developed a unique approach to Encaustic painting that she calls visual story telling. Working in many layers, Hart combines detailed surrealist drawings and etchings with layers of material embedded and manipulated in hot beeswax.

Ripley Pottery

I make functional pottery for every occasion. Anything from big beautiful bowls, to mugs that you will use everyday. All of my pottery is made by hand in rural Waumandee, Wisconsin, about 30 minutes from the Mississippi River.

Red Lantern Leatherworks

Using a portable butcher block, I custom fit belts & finish them for my customer while they wait. Belts are hand stripped from vegetable tanned cowhide & finished with a brass buckle of choice. I make leather accessories and woven wall art as well.

Redkrow Artworks

Kim Lyons’ artwork is comprised of framed and unframed oil paintings with varied subject matter including traditional still life, music, and outdoor scenes. Reproductions of certain works in the form of prints and postcards will also be available.

Roadside Paintings

I paint landscapes around the area. I love to pull over along side of the road and paint if I see something that catches my eye. 

Silver Studio Jewelry Artists

Our style is contemporary using primarily sterling silver or gold to highlight the beautiful stones that are the focus of our jewelry designs. We are inspired by beautiful semi-precious stones. Our creations arise from our desire to create unique designs with the stones.

Steven Beseler Art Studio

Whether my work takes you to slow streams or mountain peaks, where legends become real, I attempt to reveal the understanding that all creativity begins with fragments of reality.

The Cozy Red

My artwork is all about animals. I love portraying their character, personalities, and nuances in my art, whether through drawing or wire sculpture. My drawings are highly detailed and realistic, while my sculptures a bit more whimsical in nature.

The Wild Mint Co.

The Wild Mint Co. has a wide variety of handmade macramé items ranging from wall hangings in large and small sizes with pops of woven colors, to an assortment of hanging baskets perfect for your plants, produce or a pet! Also find keychains, lanyards, ornaments and sterling silver earrings in various sizes, shapes and colors. Carefully crafted natural cotton string items will bring a little bit of joy into your everyday life with artisan quality, modern colors and unique patterning.

Waletzko Primitive Craft

Wooden spoons carved by axe and knife with ties to the past. A utilitarian household utensil out of reclaimed or locally harvested trees. These items are made for everyday use and admiration.

Viewpoint Farm Fibers and Handwovens

I am a hand weaver and I dye my own wool from my farms small flock of sheep. I weave a lot of floor rugs both wool and cotton. I also work with all kind of fibers as well of plant material from the farms’ prairie.

Wagner Color

My work is transparent watercolor. Implied motion is created with stylized natural forms, layers of overlapping shapes, interacting colors and varying degrees of detail.

Tyler Voorhis Art

PAPER COLLAGE ON WOOD: The Jobs of Yesteryear stem from my passion for history and my mission to celebrate the worker. The workers in each painting are drawn on paper, cut, covered with torn bits of paper, trimmed, painted, and then affixed to a wood panel to create scenes depicting historic jobs.

Slim Creates

I create handmade home decor and wearable art including hand-dyed macrame pieces, clay and resin jewelry and other accessories. I’m often inspired by cozy spaces, vibrant colors and retro decor from the 60s and 70s.

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