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Your support associates your brand with an event that promotes creativity and inspiration. Sponsorship of Artspire benefits the community and increases your engagement with a regional audience. Artspire promotes our city as a creative community, making La Crosse a more attractive location for today’s most talented workforce.

Help secure Artspire for the future!
Artspire draws over 10,000 participants, attendees and volunteers to La Crosse over the course of the two day event. If each of those 10,000 individuals gave a small amount, it would make a huge difference to not only the outcome of this year’s event, but would also help secure Artspire for the future.

If you have attended and enjoy Artspire, would like it to remain a free event, and believe in its mission, please consider supporting it here now.

“Artspire is a community event, put on by the community, and for the community.” Eva Marie Restel, Artspire 2017 Chairperson