Canstruction®-Lite Competition



Artspire’s Canstruction® competition was postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. Our mission for Canstruction® was two-fold: to create joyful art while helping to stock our local food pantries. We are continuing this mission with our Canstruction®-Lite competition.

This competition is open to individuals or small groups that can safely meet, including families, youth groups, class rooms, and businesses. Create your own food sculptures using canned and boxed foods, which are then donated to a local food pantry. The size, shape of the can, as well as the color of the can label all influence the design.

Get creative and have fun! Canstruction® projects develop skills in Art/Design, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Brainstorming, Creativity, Construction, and Community Service.

Structures will be judged by a panel with awards for the following categories: Best Meal, Structural Ingenuity, Best Original Design, Most Cans, and Best Use of Labels.

All entries must be submitted online by November 15th.

Click here to submit your entry.



Minimum sculpture size: 20 cans. All food used must be donated to a local hunger relief organization.


  • All food/beverages used must be full, unopened, unexpired with labels intact/unaltered.
  • Boxes, bags and packets of food is acceptable; however, cans must be used for the majority of the structure.
  • No glass containers, alcoholic beverages, junk food (candy, chips, etc.) or pet food.
  • No opened, empty, expired food/beverage or covered, removed product labels.


Props may be used; however, it is best to solve design problems with food items. (if you must use props try to make them out of food items such as tea or coffee bags, condiment packets, etc.).

Building Materials

Permissible Items (provided they do not damage cans or labels)

  • Velcro, magnets, zip-ties, tape, silicone.
  • Rubber bands, nylon string, wire mesh or wire.
  • Wood or steel rods, PVC pipe, threaded metal rods.
  • Leveling materials (templates) not greater than 1/4” thick: cardboard, foam-core, masonite, plywood, plexiglass, fiberglass.

Non Permissible Items (structures must be supported internally and externally by canned food and/or beverage cans between leveling materials)

  • No wood, metal beams, bracing materials, sheet metal, steel plates, Fiberock, or glass.
  • No leveling materials (templates) greater than 1/4” thick.
  • No permanent adhesives or bonding process (soldering, etc.).

 Any questions regarding the Canstruction event should be emailed to Shannon Given.