Artspire 2020 Virtual Art Fair & Sale • Artist Profiles

Cynthia Stuhr La Crosse, WI

Cindyree Arts
(608) 386-3249 •

I was an elementary educator for 30 years and teaching gave me a creative outlet. Being around children gave me a place to focus my energy and enthusiasm. Once I retired I realized I needed to direct this energy elsewhere and I began to discover my love of abstract art. As a self taught artist I rely on my appreciation of color and shape to guide the composition of each art piece. My inspiration comes from nature. Each sunset, sunrise and stormy sky offers an ever-changing selection of colors.

My favorite medium to create with is fluid acrylic paint. This painting style gives me the freedom to create without the expectation that my art needs to look a certain way. My art is all about trial and error, learning what works and what doesn’t. I work mainly with fluid acrylic paint but I have begun to explore alcohol inks. My painting techniques vary from dumping all the paint colors into a cup, tipping them upside down to see what happens, to blowing the paint with a hair dryer or spinning the art on a turntable. All I know is that I am having a great time being creative.