Artspire 2020 Virtual Art Fair & Sale • Artist Profiles

Crystal Dulaney • La Crosse, WI

Dulaney Artworks

Thank you for stopping by today! I welcome this moment and it is my desire to inspire you!

I am Crystal Jean Dulaney, a Chicago-raised girl, so blessed to live in LaCrosse, WI since 2008. I have been “artistic” most of my life, exploring many mediums.

From a young age, you would find little me watching Bob Ross on Public Television any time he was on! I longed to paint glorious canvases full of the beauty in this world. I studied oil and watercolor and though I enjoyed them, they didn’t quite “catch my soul on fire.”  I discovered sculpting and though I found a surprising talent there, no fire really blazed. I was a professional wedding photographer for many years, my cameras and computer became my medium. I particularly enjoyed digital painting and manipulation of the images. I truly treasured that career but the outside pressures on my creativity and time were very difficult to manage.

Then….. one momentous day I dove into a home project painting and covering my countertops with resin,  And THERE was the fire. (Quite literally!) It wasn’t so great a leap to apply resin to fine art. I learned all I could, took every class available, experimented with several different kinds of resin and additives and quickly found my stride.

I take much inspiration from nature, particularly enjoying the earth, semi precious stones, minerals/crystals and water. Once I have an idea in my head, I prep the canvas and try to let my my soul do the rest. I am an intuitive artist and my art is very much a spiritual process for me.

My tools are primarily my hands, a heat gun and a blow torch, moving and manipulating each layer with gravity, fire and heat. I enjoy the fluid mediums, especially resin and ink as I try to tame the untamable and bend it to my will.

I eagerly anticipate the process of building up multiple layers;  incorporating mica pigments, acrylics, spray paint, ground metals, precious stones, sand, ink, glass, rock, wood, clay, plaster… and many other things. The joy of observing the depth/shadows and often 3-D effect this multiple layering technique brings to the work is utterly addictive. (Though unfortunately difficult to capture in a still photograph!) I won’t stop until I’m proud -usually finishing several layers later than anticipated!

As you take one of my pieces into your home, you possess hours upon hours of my consciousness and a great outpouring of love. It is my wish that you feel the joy and love I so entwine into each layer of your painting.

Though I work intuitively, I am open to taking commissions based on colors/ materials you may prefer and we can create together in this way. I am very much looking forward to meeting you! Thank you again for your visit today.