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Elin Haessly Soldiers Grove, WI

Viewpoint Farm Fibers and Handwovens
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Built-to-last quality and simple Scandinavian beauty are hand woven into each of Elin Haessly’s rugs. Born and raised in Denmark, and now living the farm life in southwest Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, Elin has been weaving textiles, from rugs to scarves, from more than 40 years.

“Ever since I began dying wool with natural dyes in
Denmark in the early 1970s, it had always been
my dream to raise sheep, spin dye the wool, and
weave beautiful pieces,” says Haessly.

Now, with the help of her flock and her husband,
Bob, she is realizing that dream. In summer, Haessly, spends much of her time in her dye studio, coloring yarns with natural dyes and indigo. Her dyes are sourced everywhere, from Driftless area plants to the Spanish Canary Islands.

Haessly uses a Swedish floor loom for rugs, using wool — welcome warmth for Wisconsin winters — and cotton for summer.

“Back home in Denmark,” says Elin, “we swap out our wool rugs for cotton in the summertime. These rugs are perfect in your house all summer when you are walking in or out, as well as in your kitchen bathroom and children’s rooms.”