Artspire 2021 Virtual Art Fair & Sale • Artist Profiles

Elin Haessly Soldiers Grove, WI

Viewpoint Farm Fibers and Handwovens
(160) 864-8581 •

I am a hand weaver and fiber artist with a small flock of sheep. I dye the wool with natural plants primarily from our prairie plants (45 acres) but I also use Indigo, madder and cochineals. Later I use the wool both in my floor rugs and hand woven like scarves, runners and shawls. I also sell my natural dyed yarns after they are mill spun. I have 3 looms. A big Swedish floor loom for rugs, both wool and cotton rugs. A small 8 shafts loom for the scarves and runners. In my summer studio I have a 50 inch loom I use all summer for any projects. I can be found on Facebook or Instagram