Artspire ‘Inspired by La Crosse’ Competition

The 2021 Artspire Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition winners were announced on Saturday, June 21 and were sponsored by the City of La Crosse Arts Board.
The 2021 winners are:
Cindy Liebl – Copeland Park Boathouses
Karen Genz – Frosty Bluffscape
Burt Hammons – Goose Island Backwater
The artwork is currently at the Pump House but will be displayed in La Crosse City Hall for a year.

Copeland Park Boathouses

By Cindy Liebl

Acrylic on Wood


Frosty Bluffscape

By Karen Genz

Digital Photography



Goose Island Backwater

By Burt Hammons

Oil on Canvas



In celebration and recognition of La Crosse’s creative community the Pump House Regional Arts Center presents the Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition. The Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition creates a unique opportunity for La Crosse to publicly showcase our area’s talented artists, and enliven our public places with enriching and inspire content. This project seeks to engage the various interests of our diverse community and prompt vital interactions and connections through art.

The Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition proposes that public art cultivates the public’s awareness and appreciation for the arts and establishes a sense of place for the creative people who drive our thriving community.

Work selected by our jury will be unveiled during Artspire, held June 12th. Inspired by La Crosse – Artspire Award 2021 winners will then be displayed at La Crosse City Hall beginning during Artspire, and remaining on display for one year. Inspired by La Crosse – Artspire Award 2021 winners will not only have their work displayed in a highly visible, public area, but each winner will receive a $200 award, and a ribbon for their work. Jury fee is $25 and can be paid online.

  • The jury is looking for wall pieces that are inspired by La Crosse- the area, culture, topography, etc.
  • Up to 3 pieces may be submitted for a $25 fee. No artist will submit more than 3 pieces. (Artists participating in the Artspire Art Fair & Sale may submit up to one piece for free.)
  • The City Arts Board will provide security hangers for selected work.
  • Submitted work will be no larger than 36″ tall and 48″ wide, no smaller than 18″ tall and 12″ wide, and no heavier than 40 lbs.
  • Pieces must be ready to hang and already framed, if necessary.
  • Pieces may be for sale. A label will be displayed next to work with artist information, and price.
  • Artwork will display for one year and may not come down early. Work sold during the duration will not be available for pick up until June 1 the following year.
  • Artist must sign an agreement for liability.
  • Deadline is May 15, 2021

The Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition is coordinated in conjunction with Artspire La Crosse, the largest annual arts celebration in downtown La Crosse, produced by the Pump House Regional Arts Center and sponsored by City of La Crosse Arts Board.

The 2021 Artspire celebration is Saturday, June 12, 2021.

Artspire’s Inspired by La Crosse art competition highlights the beauty of our area. The 2020 winners are featured below; the original artwork is on display in the lobby of La Crosse’s City Hall.


Fourth Street by Burt Hammons

 “I have always liked this view approaching downtown La Crosse, but I had to make several trips in the rain to take photographs and observe the reflections.”

Goose Island with Egrets by Jensine Wing

 “Goose Island, when I think of you in my minds eye, I see those magnificent Egrets that live so abundantly in your waters.”



Roots by Jacquelline Olson

Roots is an 18×24″ oil painting on canvas inspired by my experience living on the banks of the Root River during the Summer of 2019.”