Artspire 2020 Virtual Art Fair & Sale • Artist Profiles

Jenna Hestekin Independence, WI

The Cozy Red

I am Jenna Hestekin, and I live in western Wisconsin.  I am a self-taught artist.  My focus is realistic, crisp, ultra-detailed animal portraits.  I work in scratchboard, which is a hardboard, coated in a thin layer of white clay, and layered again with black India ink.  I use a variety of sharp tools including tattoo needles and X-Acto blades to scrape away the black ink to create detailed drawings on the white clay beneath.  I also create realistic animal drawings in pen and ink using a technique called stippling, which is creating a drawing with a series of dots using extremely fine-tip fine art pens.

My sculptures are created by winding wire of various gauges and types including fencing wire, paddle wire, dark annealed wire and copper wire.  The sculptures are solid wire to the very core, and are embellished with all manner of “doodads”.  I like to disassemble old or new jewelry, use bits of metal scrap, as well as utilize any other items that might catch my eye, to adorn and add character to my sculptures.

Animals are usually my subject of choice.  There are so many different animals, and each has their own character and personality if you observe them closely.  I love portraying their nuances and gestures in my art, whether through drawing or sculpture.

Art is my passion, my source of joy, and for much of my life it has carried me through some very challenging times, and it’s just plain fun!