Artspire 2021 Virtual Art Fair & Sale • Artist Profiles

Meghan McBride Wabasha, MN

Lake Superior Drift Co.

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A tree falls into the water and tumbles aimlessly for decades, sometimes centuries. Our driftwood collection is a celebration of nature’s most enchanting masterpieces, hand-picked from the shores of Lake Superior, hand-made in our reclaimed church.

My driftwood collection is a celebration of the natural world in a time largely consumed with technology. While some pieces are accented with shells, stones, minerals, moss, and sand, others are juxtaposed with finishes such as gold leaf, paint, glass beads, and/or glitter. This collection serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses (or the driftwood) and is manifested in the forms of wall art (starbursts/wreaths), hanging art (mobiles/chimes), mosaic, jewelry, photography, and sculpture.