Artspire 2020 Virtual Art Fair & Sale • Artist Profiles

Will Brzezinski Winona, MN

Will Brzezinski Ceramics
(952) 334-5593 •

This body of work has an emphasis on rhythm and line, expressed through texture. I chose to highlight these elements and principles because they are things that we can get lost in. They create space and pause in our everyday lives through the use or observation of the objects.

Rhythm is achieved through the use of chattered marks or carved lines on the surface of the pots, highlighted by underglaze. The chattering marks evoke images of trees in a forest, ripples in the clouds, or on the water. Before chattering I take deep breaths and focus positive intentions into the marks as it is one of the most defining parts of the process.

The carved lines resemble the bluffs of the Driftless region. Clean, flat planes of the pieces act as the canvas for texture and color.

All pieces are made one at a time by hand at my home studio in Winona, MN. Work is made from stoneware and porcelain clay and fired to cone 6. All the bottoms of my work are sanded with a fine grit sanding pad, creating a remarkably smooth and soft surface. Ensuring that the work does not scratch the surfaces they come in contact with.