Inspired by La Crosse

Annual Art Competition presented by Pump House Regional Arts Center and Sponsored by City of La Crosse - Arts Board




Inspired by La Crosse 2024 Winners

The 2024 Inspired by La Crosse winners were announced at Artspire on Saturday, June 8. Their pieces will be displayed and for sale in City Hall for one year.

This project is sponsored by the City of La Crosse – Arts Board.

Marlie Voigt

“End Scene”

Woodcut Relief Print


Marlie Voight is an artist based in La Crosse, WI. After the death of the artist’s maternal grandmother, their family histories went silent. Faced with a constant, fervent desire to know more about the people they come from, Marlie explores the cycles of love, death, and the greater world around them in “end scene.” Voigt has used art throughout their life as a form of communication, coming more naturally than words. They use art to process major life events and to connect with their family history.

Pete Mutschler

“La Crosse Reflection”



Pete Mutschler is a Winona Minnesota-based photographer. His current focus is capturing the energy and passion created by communities. Pete’s goal is to create images that capture what makes a community special. Pete believes strongly in Ansel Adam’s statement; “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Jandi Small

“Checking the Ice”

Oil Painting


Oil painter Jandi Small currently lives in the beautiful Driftless area of Southeast Minnesota and aims to capture the grandeur and allure of nature in this unique area. Her current technique involves working in oils on canvas mounted to birch panels, utilizing a more impressionistic style over realism. Jandi seeks to convey a strong sense of the magic that she feels in nature, that sense that there is another more vibrant and colorful reality that not everyone can glimpse.

The Pump House Regional Arts Center, in conjunction with Artspire La Crosse, proudly presents the Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition. In celebration of La Crosse’s creative community, this competition provides a unique opportunity to showcase our area’s talented artists and enliven our public places with enriching and inspiring content. This project seeks to unveil the various interests and interpretations of our diverse community and spark vital connections through art.

A jury will review all submissions and select 3 winning pieces. The winners will be announced during the Artspire La Crosse 2024 celebration on Saturday, June 8 in Riverside Park. Each winning piece will hang from the walls at La Crosse City Hall for one year. Additionally, each winning artist will receive $200 and ribbon.

The City of La Crosse Arts Board is a proud sponsor of the Inspired by La Crosse Art Competition.


Submitted artwork will be juried and artists will be notified of their status. Winners will publically be announced at Artspire on Saturday June, 8 at 2:30 PM. Artwork will be on display at City Hall.

Application Requirements

  • Each piece should be “Inspired by La Crosse” – the community, culture, topography, etc
  • Pieces must be ready to hang on a wall and framed, if necessary. The City Arts Board will provide security hangers for selected work.
  • Submitted work must be no larger than 36″ tall and 48″ wide, no smaller than 18″ tall and 12″ wide, and no heavier than 40 lbs.
  • Pieces may be for sale. A label will be displayed next to work with artist information and price.
  • Artwork will be on display at the La Crosse City Hall for one year and may not come down early. Work sold during the display will not be available for pick up until June 1 the following year.
  • Artist must sign an agreement for liability.
  • Each artist may submit up to 3 pieces. Any additional submissions will not be considered.
  • Application Deadline is May 6, 2024. The jury fee has been WAIVED for all!!

Inspired by La Crosse 2023 Winners

Inspired by La Crosse is an art competition put on by the Pump House Regional Arts Center to publicly showcase our areas artists and enliven our public spaces! Three winners will be announced and their pieces will be displayed in City Hall for one year. This project is sponsored by the City of La Crosse – Arts Board.

Kevin Millard

“Bridges in Fog”

Dee Dee Draz Barreras

“Diamonds of the Driftless

Gerylin Brasic

“Peaceful Evening on the River”

The 2022 Inspired by La Crosse winners were:

Susan Fox

“Hiding in Plain Sight”

Tom Balko

(Knotty Willow) – “Currents”

Jason Stuempges

(Jason Ray Photography) – “La Crosse”